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In order to protect your account from fraudulent activity, lost or stolen Visa Debit Cards should be reported immediately by calling 478-275-3223. After hours or weekends, please call 1-800-523-4175.

Please do not use your card over the phone or on the internet to purchase items.

To better serve and protect our customers Farmers State Bank encourages you to use your PIN when using your debit card. The PIN transaction is when you personally swipe the card and then enter your personal identification number.

Never give your PIN to anyone.

We also would encourage our customers to check your account daily either by Telephone Banking or Internet Banking for any unauthorized transactions.

Cards may be used at any location displaying the STAR or VISA  logo within the United States. Cards may not be used internationally.

Farmers State Bank values your business and continues to provide customer services to help you with your banking needs. Please call customer service at 478-275-3223 to enroll in our Telephone Banking and/or Internet Banking products.

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